Main Functions Of The Hand Board

Main functions of the hand board

Handboard is to make one or several sets of templates to confirm the structure, size and appearance, etc. before making the mold. In the past, the template was made by hand carving without numerical control machine tool and 3D printing, so it is referred to as “hand board”. Some people call it “the first board”, which means the first time to make a model. The editor will explain the function of the board.


Verify, improve and innovate the appearance and structure design of the product

Make a hand board before opening the mould. If you are not satisfied with the appearance model of the product after taking the hand board, you can adjust and improve it in time until you are satisfied. If the assembly of the structure interferes with the PCB or other accessories, it can be adjusted and improved in time, and the mould can be made after it is satisfied.

Reduce the development cycle of product projects

A series of work such as market research, financing or crowd-funding and preparation of activity plan shall be carried out before each project is launched in batches. Sample financing or crowd-funding is required if the mould is manufactured directly for batch production, marketed without sales volume, or insufficient funds or even funds for batch production of mould. Manufactured planks for market research or financing, so the project goes smoothly.

Quickly capture the market

The mould opening and manufacturing cycle is long, and it can be completed 2-3 days after the handboard is manufactured. In a short time, you can apply for patents and trademark registration, and confirm the sample order for each dealer or customer.

Handboards can be used to replace those with small orders.

For some projects, the customer demands are small, the quantity is 30-200pcs, the mould opening cost is high, the cycle is long, and the customer cannot accept it. Therefore, the product can be manufactured by using the rapid silicone mold process on the hand board, and a variety of plastic materials can be manufactured, which not only saves the cost but also has a fast production cycle.

Handboard is also known as “rapid molding”, which means rapid production molding and shortened product development and manufacturing. The main role of making the handboard is so much introduced. The following editor will introduce the rapid estimation of silicon composite molding process. The handboard and rapid silicon composite molding can reduce the production cost, know the structure, appearance and market demand of the product as soon as possible, prepare for the launch of the product, and save the production cost.

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