Mold Design

Specializing in precision engineering, our design team delivers tailored solutions with meticulous attention to detail to ensure seamless integration into your manufacturing process.


Feasibility Analysis

To carry out feasibility analysis of the designed mold products, first of all, we will use the design software to analyze the drawings of each component product, that is, the set of drawings we say in our work, to ensure the correctness of the drawings of each product before the mold design. On the other hand, we can be familiar with the importance of each component in the whole case, so as to determine the key size


Mold Structure Analysis

After the product analysis to be carried out, the analysis of the product with what kind of mold structure, and the product of the process, to determine the content of the process of punching, and the use of design software for product structure analysis.


Mold Drawing

After the completion of material preparation, the drawing of mold drawing can be fully entered. In the drawing of material preparation, a copy is made to draw each component, such as screw hole, guide pin hole, positioning hole and so on.


Drawing Proofreading

After the drawing is completed, it can not be issued, we still need to proofread the mold drawings, assemble all the accessories, make different layers for each different mold plate, and analyze the mold assembly with the same benchmark, such as guide pillar holes, and put the product expansion drawings of each process into the assembly drawing to ensure that the hole positions of each template are consistent and the upper and lower mold gaps at the bending position are correct.

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