CNC Machining

Diamondmold provides CNC precision parts, CNC machining resin accessories, precision mechanical parts machining, CNC machining stainless steel, copper, non-standard parts precision machining, etc.


Design And Process Development

Before CNC processing, the product design and processing process shall be carried out first.Our designers will use CAD software to design the product according to the requirements and functions of the product. Then, our engineers will formulate the processing technology according to the shape, material and processing requirements of the product, including selecting the appropriate cutting tools, cutting parameters, cutting paths, etc.


Machining Programming

Machining program is the core of CNC machining, which contains the action command, cutting parameters, cutting path and other information of the machine tool.Our engineers will use CAM (computer aided manufacturing) software to write the processing program, and the design documents of the product are converted into the processing program. When preparing the processing program, the cutting performance of materials, process rationality and other factors will be considered to ensure the efficiency and quality of the processing process.


Machine Clamping And Tool Clamping

Machine tool clamping is the process of fixing the workpiece on the machine tool, and it needs to consider the shape, size and processing requirements of the workpiece. Tool clamping is the process of installing the tool on the machine tool. Proper tool types and specifications and correct installation methods will be selected. The accuracy and stability of machine tool clamping and tool clamping have an important impact on machining accuracy and efficiency, so careful adjustment and inspection are required.


Machining Operation

CNC machining operation can be started after machine tool clamping and tool clamping are completed. Our operators input the programmed processing program into the CNC machine tool controller, and then the machine tool cuts according to the path and speed specified in the program through the controller’s command. During this process, our workers will monitor the machining status and timely adjust the cutting parameters and tools to ensure the machining quality and efficiency.

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Machining Inspection and Finishing

The machined parts will be inspected and trimmed after the CNC machining. Inspection can be carried out by measuring tools and equipment to inspect the dimension, shape and surface roughness, so as to verify whether the machined parts meet the requirements. Trimming is the process of trimming, grinding or polishing the machined parts to eliminate possible machining defects and improve the precision and surface quality of the machined parts.

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